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Pick and Pack and Ship

A Pick and Pack and Ship Blog

2 Surprising Benefits of Using Pick and Ship Service


Pick And Ship – Orders fulfillment is like groceries shopping. Find yourself wandering around the supermarket from one side to the other, eyes reading the contents of each aisle as you search for items on your grocery list. The next thing you know, 15 minute planned chart has taken you an hour because you keep going back and forth to pick up the missing items. But the horror is not over yet. Once you get home, you know you cannot buy food for your cat and you have to travel to the store to feed your pets. If this sounds like placing your warehouse, it may be time to consider making an efficient pick and ship systems.

2 Surprising Benefits of Using Pick and Ship Service

Get your information right

When it comes to Pick and Ship, the goal is to provide your warehouse stores with the information they need to maximize efficiency. After all, this is an important first step to achieving successful system fulfillment. When you compile a selected list, include the information from each product (shelf, aisle, row, bin), making it easier to find the right items for each order. If you have used inventory management solutions, you can pull out all orders from all channels and make a list of options for you. If you want to further improve the efficiency of your warehouse picker, consider removing the sliding slip sheet, if you are still using it. Going digital will let you combine other advantages like smart picking methods that will give your collectors shorter and more efficient way as they do their work.

To make sure that you always have the correct information, you want to take a sheet of notebook and place it in the location of each product as soon as you put the stock on the shelf. However, you want to have the right stuff in the right place. This means that you want to place the bestseller in an easily accessible location until your warehouse picker can meet those requests quickly. Also, if you have items that tend to sell well, keep them close together so that your employees will be able to access them at the same time.

pick and ship
A Woman in A Pick-and-Ship Job.

Shipping Integrations

If you are a small business, you may work outside the garage or home office, and write the address by hand on the package to be shipped out. Getting shipping integration means you will not have tense and stained fingers anymore, because you can print your shipping label and paste it into your package. By printing your shipping label, you can save yourself from the trouble of having to wait at the post office. You can choose jobs you like, order pickups and leave everything in the courier hands.

In addition, by printing your shipping labels, you can document the shipping process. With the paper behind you covering everything for shipping, you will be equipped with either field inquiries from customers with lost packages, or when handling taxes. That’s 2 benefits that you can get after using Pick and Ship.

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