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Pick and Pack and Ship

A Pick and Pack and Ship Blog

7 Advantages of Using Pick And Send


Pick And Send services are the essential aspects of the services. This is an important part of the application process and needs to be streamlined to be effective and cost-effective. The picking involves selecting the items for orders from the warehouse and sending is the best carrier determines the best prices for each outgoing package.Pick & send with a large number of order, giving it the ability to negotiate collective discounts with all carriers. Whether you send 100 or 100,000 packages a day, you still get the same price and deposit you.In order to simplify the transport and send service, the warehouse needs to register each item and its location so that staff can quickly find the product in a large area. The staff can quickly and accurately choose the products from one of their warehouses for immediate order to play quickly.

pick and send
A Pick and Send Warehouse

Once the product has been packaged, the item is shipped then. Delivery requires carrier selection and best price per package based on the final destination, package size, and whether it has special consideration such as hazardous materials or if refrigerant is required. Online retailers find a lot of value in Pick And Send service, especially after orders up to a hundred or more per month. In this volume, storage space and resources become very limited to self-realization. The pick & send service has the various services include:

  • Cloud based software. Web-based is require software, which is no installation and so intuitie that allows merchants to set it up in less than 15 minutes. It integrates with all major e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Magento and Shopify.
  • Inventory Management. You do not need to run out of products again with the easy to use inventory management feature, including low innovative and low cost inventory that gives you plenty of time to rearrange products.
  • Distributed inventory. This service has a strategic warehouse network throughout the country, with more warehouses coming. No matter if customers are on the west coast or in the Midwest, there is a nearby warehouse so they can get order quickly with the lowest shipping price.
  • System Administration. From the moment it is arranged up when you reach the client threshold, you can track the progress of the dashboard. The information is updated in real time, so you can answer customer questions with confident.
  • Free Returns Management The solid return process is an integral part of any fulfillment process, and this service offers a free return management to all customers. You will get your product back in the supply chain quickly.
  • The white label service product must be all about you. This service name will never appear in the box, and your customers should not know their presence.
  • Free packaging inventory. This service is not your nickel and dime. All their packaging supplies, including plain chocolate box, are free.
  • World-class service. this is not only a vendor but also a partner thatis always there to support you with everything you need.

Pick And Send offers an easy onboard experience at no cost. When you start orders coming, you will begin work to select and ship your order as quickly as possible. Providing a delivery service that is equivalent to a national retailer, regardless of your business sizeĀ  this was easier.

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