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Authorized Pick up Person Instructions


Pick Up Person – Parents / guardians must provide a “permit” form to anyone who wants to be able to come to school and pick up their children at any time without having to contact the school to confirm that their child can be released. Parents and employees must use the “limited” authorization form when the parent / guardian has a certain day, day, or date when he or she picks up someone other than his or her child from school. Here are some examples:

  1. Children leave school on play dates with different families.
  2. The parent / guardian is in traffic and sends someone to pick him up (see below for oral instructions).
  3. Parents / guardians will travel in business and can not follow up to help friendly neighbors.
  4. Parents / guardians will work late on Tuesday and grandparents will always receive on Tuesday.

Forms that cover a short period of time must be saved with the class teacher until the completed time frame is completed. The form must be submitted with the monthly attendance record at the end of the period covered by the “Limited” form. Forms that cover certain days of the week for long periods (novelty every Tuesday) must be kept by the office in the children’s files. The copies are stored in the Master Pick-Up folder at the top of the tray in the table in the “Parent Lounge”.

There will be times when parents cannot go to school with closing time (stuck in traffic, late meetings, and flat tires) to Pick up Person. Parents should contact the child’s center and tell us who has retrieved their child. Staff will complete the restricted authorization form. The staff will write the names of parents who receive verbal instructions on the parent signature line and sign their names on the child labor center line. Staff will record the time and date of the call, and other relevant information provided by the parent to us.

Authorized Pick up Person Instructions
Authorized Pick up Person Instructions

If your child attends school, childcare, or extracurricular activities, does someone authorize you to take him if you cannot? In emergencies, it is important that someone other than you and your wife be allowed to pick up your child. By law, an organization may not issue your child to a person who is not a father or legal guardian unless you have given him prior written permission to do so. If you and the other parent have an accident and no one else is allowed to receive your child, the organization should not take your child to another adult – even the grandparents. If no one is authorized to pick up your child, the organization may be asked to contact the police or child protection services to take care of your child.

To prevent this from happening to your child, be sure to let your friends or family members accompany your child in an emergency. Talk to your child’s school or child care center about what to do in an emergency where no parent is available. Regulatory facilities generally require a written authorization from parents and, in some cases, photographs from other authorized persons. That’s all the review about authorized Pick Up Person instructions.



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