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Can I Pick Up My Package from USPS without ID?


Can I Pick Up My Package from USPS – Post office management has been changed to US Postal Service, an independent institution of the executive branch of the US government.  Postal service has the primary function of the obligation to connect the nation together through personal correspondence, education, literature, and business to people. It will provide fast, reliable and efficient services to customers in all fields and will provide postal services to all communities.

When you ship a package with USPS, USPS Tracking lets you track deliveries at any time after shipping the goods. In many cases, USPS Tracking is free when you use shipping tags to print your postage stamps. If you use a mailing label or NetStamp for your mail, you should use the Label 400 and pay an additional fee. Some customers ask “Can I Pick Up My Package from USPS”. The answer for this question can you find here. Yes, it is possible to pick up a package at the station. If they are marked down at the post office for “your name” they will be kept there. It is shipped without booking instructions. You may have to wake up until they try to send it. F is a signature service that you will not leave unless you get this signature, if it is a normal package; you may be able to tell them earlier (maybe a day or two) that you want to receive it in the office.

Post offices are very different in customer service. Stations in the city tend to be more inclined to do these kinds of things unless they are sent this way. If you live in a rural area, like us, they are more friendly and patient with this kind of thing. Good luck and remember they deal with thousands of packages every day. Try giving them a reason to remind you and I want to help you for reasons you do not like. All you need is a few photo IDs to prove your identity, and you can tell people at the desk that you have something waiting for assembly. They will be able to receive it for you without a card.

You need one of the following identification forms to retrieve your package at the UPS access point location:

Can I Pick Up My Package from USPS without ID?
  1. Option 1: Display government-issued identity images, such as the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), passport, professional or military identity. The full name must match the identifier with the full name on the package label. Our application will capture your name and signature.
  2. Option 2: Display the image ID issued by the government along with the sender’s version code (if necessary). *

If you ask someone else to pick up your package, they need to bring a copy of your photo along with their own photo. The full name of the identity copy with the full name must match the package label. The UPS access point will not store a copy of your KTP, but our application will capture the name and signature of the person who submitted your request on your behalf. That’s all the answer you can get for “Can I Pick Up My Package from USPS”.


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