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Can You Pick a Package Up From USPS?


Can You Pick a Package Up From USPS – All types of small companies rely on shipping companies to ship products and choose the right sender for your customers and profits. We looked at the most common shipping options and decided to check FedEx, UPS and USPS. These companies include various options for small businesses in terms of prices, services and options. It is recommend USPS as the best shipping partner for small businesses because they have the most competitive price, free decision, priority and the delivery of EMS is free, plus a variety of standard and fast delivery options that meet most of the needs of small businesses.

The USPS package is processed separately from your other inbox because it will not log in to your mailbox. For packages and letters to be signed, special treatment is required. You will receive an email notification from the postal service when your package is ready to be received. Now there are two locations to capture your USPS package.

Can You Pick a Package up from USPS
  1. Parcel Lockers: There is a parcel cabinet in the mail service corridor (where your mailbox is located). If you receive the package and enter it into the e-mail cabinet we send you, we will give you the lock number and access code to retrieve the package. Access to the locker is from 7 am to 7 pm every day, excluding holidays.

  2. Customer Service Number: Visit the customer service counter located in the lobby. The email will note that your parcel must be taken at our reception. You will need an image ID to retrieve your package. We open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm, excluding holidays.

The question about Can You Pick a Package up from USPS may still be confusing. But the answer for this question is yes. Then, you may wonder about what are the identification requirements for capturing packets from a UPS access point location? You need one of the following identification forms to retrieve your package at the UPS access point location:

  1. Display a government issued ID, such as a driver’s license, passport or identity card. The full name must match the identifier with the package label.

  2. Display an identity card bearing an image, such as a driver’s license, passport or identity, along with the package version code provided by the sender (if necessary).

If you need someone else to pick up your package for you, you must bring a personal identification issued by the government issued by the government or other valid ID containing the full name along with the electricity bill, tax invoice, or bank statement with your full name And establish a connection to an address on the USPS label or to the named person (valid ID name or photocopy). It is also accepted as a contact letter which a formal notification (from the sender or UPS) is providing details / delivery orders for the package (recipient name, sender name, UPS access point address and tracking number). Notifications can be printed or made available on Smartphone. That’s all the answer for Can You Pick a Package up from USPS question.

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