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Pick and Pack and Ship

A Pick and Pack and Ship Blog

Global Fulfillment Services Anchanto


Global Fulfillment Services is a travel agency dedicated to providing excellent customer service and platinum packages. We are proud to do what is right and in the interest of our customers. Global Fulfillment Services offers loyalty services. Services include discounts and discounts on the Internet, discounts without paper, lottery, games, contests, customer selection programs, loyalty premiums, loyalty programs, gift cards and e-certificates; Specialized, continuous education and consultation. The solution integrates the company’s online services, data, and compliance to simplify the discount process for customers and customers. It serves companies that market high-tech products and services. The company was founded in 1997 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

One of the great Global Fulfillment Services you can choose is Anchanto. The benefits which are offering by Anchanto are stated bellow:

Global Fulfillment Services
Global Fulfillment Services Anchanto Logo
  1. Pay Per Use

They only charge for the service you use. There is no minimum number of units that need to be sent. There are no fixed costs and flexible storage space to ensure alignment of our interests. They offer allows you to measure your operations without experiencing any logistical capacity constraints.

  1. Multi-channel investigation

You can meet requests from various markets and your online store using your stock stored in our fulfillment center. You can manage your inventory via the online user interface and can remember from our fulfillment center at any time.

  1. Achieve all strategic environmental assessments

Want to sell both Southeast Asia and India? They offer one platform – one arrival or invoice all over the market. Put your inventory in their fulfillment center for all markets where you live.

  1. Send worldwide

Sell ​​inventory across borders. Their network includes consolidation, private clearing agents and shipping companies around the world. They ship your products everywhere!

  1. Return Management

Returning logistics can be a complicated and expensive process for online retailers. Anchanto helps you manage returns efficiently on a very cost effective basis.

  1. Full vision and data analysis

We provide inventory data, processing system, and quality of service in real time. You can access your data over the Internet and mobile.

How Global Fulfillment Services Achanto works? Here are the the procesees of their work:

  1. Set up your account

Within minutes, you can set up your account “Meet by Anchanto”. Please leave your contact details and they will contact you.

  1. Create Outbound Publishing

Add your products one by one, in size or by integrating your inventory management software with their API.

  1. Send your inventory

Send less or as much as you like, they will get it in our warehouse. They carefully study every unit we receive. Your products are always “ready to ship” in their warehouse.

  1. Meeting order

Customer orders your product and they choose pack it and send it. Customers receive tracking information from Anchanto.

Global Fulfillment Services world-class customer service team manages customer requests related to shipping and returning orders for you. The implementation of the international system brings new items to the table such as export paper and customs declaration. Timely delivery is also a key element in the process of meeting international demands. Ensure that the order is accurate, shipped with the right packaging and labeling, and access to the undamaged destination is equally important.

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