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Pick and Pack and Ship

A Pick and Pack and Ship Blog

Effective Pack and Send Procedures for E-Commerce


Pack and Send – You can control the customer experience to a great extent. You can write ads, you can approve photos; you modify your site and write e-mail. But once your product leaves your hand to be shipped to your customers, your brand is now turned into a stranger’s hand. Shipping can make or break your business in many ways. Choose a wrong delivery partner and your customers may experience a bad experience. Do not plan for delivery strategy and may be unprofitable. Here we will talk about packaging and shipping procedure that offering benefits and applications to help streamline your E-commerce shipping experience.

pack and send
A Pack and Send Inventory

Establish the Right Package Procedure

It is very important to keep the evidence collected on site and maintain it. The key is to understand the evidence and understand the correct way to pack it. Below are some procedures you can follow:

  1. Choose the package with the appropriate size and material to prove.

Fill each piece of evidence separately, label, stamp, and document correctly. Proof tapes are designed to be easily broken to indicate a break. This is not intended to hold bags and boxes together. Use the packing tape to close the bag and box, and then place the tape on the packing tape. Enter the tape, with half sign on tape and half on the package. In this way, your proof will be packed safely and you will see the inconvenience.

  1. For basic groups, you need a variety of clean and new paper and zip lock bags.

Never use old paper bags or plastic bags or the risk of contamination of your evidence. If you put a jacket from the scene into an old grocery bag and the laboratory finds the hair, it will not know whether it comes from a bag or a jacket. Use zip lock bags for items, such as nuts and bolts, which will not be treated otherwise. Keep the bag a different size at hand, because you want to match the item with the pouch.

  1. Paper should be used for items that need breathing.

Manual fingerprint, cushion, blanket, paper input etc. Wet items go into paper. If you close the bloody shirt on the Ziploc, it will be damaged and destroyed. Put bloody clothing in a paper bag and move it to your station. As it dries, you need to place a white paper bag under the clothing. This is needed to collect evidence from falling marks. Keep a bag of transport and white paper bags as evidence. Green marijuana also needs to enter paper bags. If sealed in plastic, mold will and will not be tested properly.

  1. Pack small items carefully or they can disappear.

If you have one fingerprint on the lifter, attach it to the proof sheet. Then pack it in a 5 inch x 7 inch Manila envelope. Use a manual trailer to work on clothes, furniture, and similar items. Put the protective paper over the adhesive, then the adhesive cover to keep the evidence in place. If you find a piece of hair or other loose material, collect them with tweezers and place it on a clean pharmaceutical sheet. Insert both in a glass envelope, fold, and close the meeting. Again, place these small items in envelopes, stickers, and large labels.

  1. Electronic require special attention.

The phone can be activated and removed from a remote location, which can destroy valuable information. Place the phone in a special bag that prevents the signal and protects it from static electricity. This bag can also be used with computer components. If you are chasing computer equipment, take an expert for Pack and Send. If not, you can turn off your computer and find that it is set to automatically delete data. Once the experts check it out, then place the hard drive and other sensitive components into the protective bag. Any very large parts for packages need to be documented with proprietary or label labels.

Ready to Ship Package

Safe delivery starts at home! Follow these steps to start the journey the right way.

  1. Select the right box

For best results, use a new crispy box and preferably be large enough to accommodate both your product and many packaging materials from all sides. Make sure they are strong enough to stay on a long trip and all the paintings are in good condition.

  1. Note the weight

It is tempting to maximize your weight limit square, but drop. The magic number can usually be found at the bottom of the flap. If you re-use an old box, its power may have been compromised from previous transmissions – by 30 to 60 percent. Remember that the maximum weight of the OSPS package is 70 pounds, and some countries impose a specific weight limit as well.

Pack and Send Special considerations

For items on irregular form, negotiate with shippers. Here are some items that are usually shipped that are odd or impractical to package and tip to protect them:

  1. Rolled fabric and coverings: Use corrugated boxes, or wrapped and tightly sealed bags.
  2. Electronics: Use anti-static materials instead of packing foam, paper, or blankets. Original factory packaging include if possible.
  3. Printed material: wrap or band along with printed items includes additional padding under and under the shipping box.
  4. Artworks / Antiques: Remove glass and pack it separately with special products such as glass masks or glass skins (except glazed glass). Package glass packaging separately. Make sure there is no technical contact with paper, rugged or steel sheets, and do not forget to include the invoice or evaluation statement.
  5. Folding set: Let the pad be at least 3 inches around your item, wrapping the box / wrap separately. Fill the hollow center with paper.

Many new e-commerce do not think too much about the delivery of their products, or in fact do so, not to understand the confusing and complex world of delivery and fulfillment.  Some basic tips of Pack and Send above is to present your products and help explain this complex subject.

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