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Pick and Pack and Ship

A Pick and Pack and Ship Blog

3 Ways to Make Pick and Ship Getting Faster


Pick and ship is the best way you need to help you success in business. As you know that as a business owner, it is sure that your day involves wearing lots of hats. Moreover, your time must be limited and every aspect of your store requires more of your attention such as customer service, store maintenance, stock purchases, content creation, delivery, and of course marketing also.

Taking too long to get orders out the door can cause irreversible damage to the experience that given to your customers. Instead of spending time getting customer support, your team and you spend precious time in order just to try not to break the promised delivery date. Inefficient shipping and delivery also can keep your costs going up unnecessarily and to reduce the margins that you need for the growth and profits.

pick and ship
A Pick-and-Ship Warehouse

To make your pick and ship process getting more efficient, it’s better to save your money and time by doing less working hours and reinvesting those resources into other cost-saving efforts. Here are some 3 simple ways to make pick and ship getting faster each day.

  1. Optimize your store layout.

As like shopkeepers at most, you may have some products that you sell more often than others. This high-volume product can be found in more than half of daily order stores. This means that taking these items can spend most of the time spent picking your order every day.

The layout of goods in your store can have a profound effect on the process of picking your order. By moving high-volume items to one place, preferably closer to where you normally start picking orders, you’ll spend less time taking them out than if they were further apart from each other. You can also group the items that are often purchased together.

  1. Sort order before choosing.

The second way to make pick and ship is by sorting the order before choosing them. Arguably the most common way that small businesses fulfill their orders is by the order in which they are placed. The oldest order is picked and shipped first, and latest order last. This method can help ensure that orders are not excessively delayed, but there are other benefits.

A more efficient method is to sort your order in a way that reduces the time of picking. If multiple orders contain several of the same items (such as the high-volume items mentioned earlier), group them together so you can reduce the amount of time you need to travel to where they are stored. If you have a large selection of pickers, separate the workload based on where the item is located in your store.

  1. By selecting and sending in one process.

The last way is by selecting and sending in one process. It’s sure that may you ever have sent an order to the wrong customer. Actually, it is an easy mistake and can be caused by something as simple as mixing shipping labels placed on which package. To work around this, many stores marked the orders they picked as they were set aside to wait for delivery.

That’s all for the explanation related the pick and ship that you have to know in order your business run well by having pick and ship service which is faster than before.


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