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Pick and Pack and Ship

A Pick and Pack and Ship Blog

The Pick N Pack Service That You Should Really Know


The term Pick N Pack usually refers to a logistics service involving break pallet of merchandise in cases and then fulfilling an order by sending individual product cases to customers. After the orders are picked, individual goods and / or items are collected in a new plate or placed in cartons or other packaging to meet customer requirements. Labels, packing and printed lists are printed as specified by the customer and the order is shipped. Depending on the size of the order, shipping can be made through the parcel carrier for trucks or less than truckload shipments or through the parcel carrier or local courier service. Containerized can also be shipped via intermodal or rails.

pick n pack

In Pick N Pack service, the item is received into stock and stored when the goods reach the distribution center of the 3pl partner warehouse. Cargo pallets are stored on the shelf or racks. The pick area for goods is then stocked with some items or individual item stored on the shelves or in the bins. As needed, the full pallet is taken from the storage rack and transported to a small area where it is broken and then the pick area is replenished with items or with individual elements, so that the pick team can quickly and efficiently fill the orders. Once the order is picked, it is transferred to the packing station where the items that make up the order can be loaded onto the pallet or shipped in shipping cartons or other appropriate packaging. If the ship confirmation step is used to verify, the picked item is checked against a confirmation order that the order is filled correctly. Pallets are wrapped, box are sealed. The shipping labels and filled lists are affixed and finished orders are quoted to load the docks that are ready to ship.

To ensure that 3PL can provide effective and cost-effective pick n pack services, logistics providers require modern Warehouse Management System. The pick and pac process can be managed through computer managed sent to the pick tickets giving instruction to the warehouse team, including items to be picked, organized and shipped, including special handling instructions or other customer requirements. Higher levels of efficiency and accuracy can be achieved by merging facilities and touching with wireless networks and scanning or using voice pick technology.

Other keys to running effective pick and pack include:

  1. Physical Planning – The pick area should be arranged in a way that makes it the fastest and most popular selling product in a location closer to the filling station. SKUs that are often purchased together must also be close to each other. Shelves and bins must be easy to access for the pick teams. Maintaining the pick area neat and organized area can help picker fill orders faster.
  2. Standard packaging – Packing stations must be equipped with many predefined carton shipping sizes to accommodate products and most common orders (by size / weight). This simple step can greatly speed up the filling process.

That’s all some Pick N Pack process that you should know. By using this service your business can run smoothly.

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