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Pick and Pack and Ship

A Pick and Pack and Ship Blog

3 Steps of Pick Pack Ship Process Flow for Your Business


Pick Pack Ship Process Flow – If you have inventory, then you need to understand the process of delivering an attractive product from your inventory, packaging it, and send it to your customers. Pick, pack and ship process is called quite easily. However how you can actually process this can make a big difference in how efficient your business is. The faster you can complete the process, the more you can sell and the bigger you can grow your business.

pick pack ship process flow

With three-step process (PICK + PACK + SHIP), the goods are transported to the packing area, where they will be collected by the destination area, then delivered to the checkout truck for the final delivery of the customer. Here’s a brief breakdown of each steps of Pick Pack Ship Process Flow you can consider:

  1. Accept the order

You will know that the first they will receive the order. They have covered the integration of shopping cart. But there are actually 3 different ways they can get it from our customers ; through shopping cart integration, file by CSV file and by entering the manual system. The direct integration with shopping carts or inventory / system management is usually ideal. In some cases the system entry manual is preferred, as in business orders to business.

  1. Printing system

As soon as they get the order in their full control panel, their crew runs then prints a pending order. Printing requests occur several times a day. As the system is printed, it is sorted by ship mode. Priority is given to expedited orders, which means a two-day overnight warranty, to ensure the fastest time to switch. Finally, when the order is printed, they also specify specific picking or packing instructions that may be relevant to the order.

  1. Pick, pack and ship

Once the order has been printed and sorted, the next step on the graph is picking, packing and shipping. During this process, there are many quality control checks to ensure the accuracy of the application implementation. Most units are selected in batches before moving to the sorting area. Once in the sorting area, the units are then grouped into individual orders and then transported to the filling station.

The system package is trained in the smallest box or package possible while ensuring adequate protection. This helps to reduce the weight of package dimensions, ultimately saving money to our customers. Before the request is delivered, the addresses are verified using special software.

For your serious business, don’t choose the Pick Pack Ship Process Flow without a warehouse-type management system. If you choose that, it would just be a bad job. You can choose a good, package and ship system to tell you where everything is. A great system will even provide a smart beak path that really improves efficiency. To be more efficient, imagine going to a warehouse to determine the inventory of four out of five different customer orders. Do so without repeating or wandering the same lane several times. This is how the beak should be done.

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