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Pick and Pack and Ship

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Separate Picking Packing Shipping


Picking Packing Shipping – A good shipping platform will provide powerful tools for designing menus and labels to suit your business and customer needs. For large item shippers, you need to prepare a selection list with all orders items aligned with packing slips and shipping labels. This ensures efficient assembly line or end-to-end operation. Careful attention should be paid to the details of what can be included in each document and the order in which it will be printed.

Packing orders for shipment and checks their contents with packing slip can eliminate errors and minimize returns. You can also choose to make the packaging slip visible to your customers by placing it in the actual package. The packaging parts provide an easy visual confirmation of what is requested and delivered. This is an opportunity to thank customers for purchasing, providing purchase records, and stimulating future purchases through sharing social sites or even special offers and discounts.

picking packing shipping
A Warehouse Capable of Doing Picking Packing Shipping

When setting up your fulfilling process with any place, the first question you need to answer is you need to separate these three tasks (Picking Packing Shipping). All these tasks can be done by one person in sequence. This process is optimized for small and compact implementation processes. This is where the employee manages the charging process from choosing the product from the shelf all the way up to preparing the shipping order and making it ready for the carrier.

Regardless of which option is selected, the same step is in your repository. Some people still picks up his product, then packs in the shipping box, makes arrangements with shipping carrier, and ends up marking the product as it was sent. If all the same steps are performed, what will you get through separating these tasks? These are some advantages you can get from this separation:

  1. Efficiency

The separation of tasks also allows you to separate your staff into a dedicated team and dedication to the task. This will be a great idea especially if you have a large number of storage operations staff. Usually, more work time is spent while cutting and filling parts of the process compared to the shipping section. For example, this allows the division of ten employees into three teams: two trucks, four carriers, and four boxes. The benefits of this chapter are:

  1. Faster Pickup

If your employees focus only on picking the product, they will be more familiar with the cargo location in your warehouse and without having to do anything else than choosing the stuff they will be able to select more products per hour.

  1. Best Packing

When part of your staff focuses on the packaging, they will have greater intimacy with the packaging needs of different product combinations. Better packing also means that the product cases are less damaged during shipment.

Picking Packing Shipping process can be very enjoyable, if not in a hurry. As soon as the new business begins to grow rapidly, shipping charges shift from a good holiday of normal activity, in a very busy race. This is a good indication of when the business owner should consider the contracted distribution center.

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